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    • 90-min Remote Filming + 3 min Edit (Pro)

      For professional clients: Film from any quiet location, a witnessing filming session with John, recorded on Zoom using ideally both a laptop and your smartphone. - A 3 min initial edit will be produced in web format 1080p, and kept on a password protected domain. - Longer edits* of up to 12 min can be made available with an editing costs starting at €750 (depending on length and features), providing a downloadabale video in high definition 1080p. - All footage filmed in person or remotely remains the property of InteriorTruth *One-off edited version, directed by InteriorTruth. For iterative and bespoke editing extra charges may apply.​ Each filming package includes a pre-filming briefing call, debriefing call based around watching the edit when released.

    • 90min Remote Filming + 3min Edit (Perso)

      For personal projects: Film from any quiet location, a witnessing filming session with John, recorded on Zoom using ideally both a laptop and your smartphone. An initial 3 min edit will be produced. For pricing regarding the footage and edited version options, please refer the relevant Terms and Conditions for your category of project (personal / professional / community project etc.) Package Option A: Remote FIlming Personal Project - published to the public - The filming and 3 min edit - A 3 min initial edit will be produced in web format 1080p, and made available with InteriorTruth logo, on the website gallery - Publication - the film will be published only after approval by the subject, after reviewing the edit. - Longer edits* of up to 12 min and non-branded versions are at an additional cost starting at €750 (depending on length and features) providing a downloadabale video in high definition 1080p, with InteriorTruth logo. - Rights for InteriorTruth to publish for public viewing of both short and long versions. - All footage filmed in person or locally remains the property of InteriorTruth  ​*Editing process refers to a one-off edited version, directed by InteriorTruth. For iterative and bespoke editing extra charges may apply. Each filming package includes a pre-filming briefing call and a debriefing call based around watching the edit together in realtime when released, and a transcript.

    • Interior Truth Filming - 28 January 2021

      Dans la grand salle à droite du passage dans la photo (juste avant le bureau d'administration)

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    • Silence being my artistic frame... Working with symbols vs signs

      Loving this book by JF Martel, Co-host of the excellent Weird Studies podcast. P69 speaks to how "the transmutation of signs into symbols is achieved through framing" which I see as being the silence practice in my filming. Nice to make the analogy of an artist's canvas or a theatre stage, with the simple fact of sitting with someone in silence as the "framing".

    • Fun time tagging/signifying 45 min of silence

      Fun time tagging/signifying 45 minutes of silence from a recent shoot. I found I in the end placed lots of tags, with things like 'raising eyebrow'; 'slight stretch to the left'; 'rolling of the head'. Aiming for a 3 min edit, but perhaps I'll post the full version for paying members on my website, a new meditation app! This connects to the interest I have in witnessing subtle energy, as described in action by David Deida in the workshop in Ken Wilber's loft here (reproduced with permission from Integral Life).

    • Chris Marker and the film Sans Soleil - a generational reference in film making

      With might be seen as an oblique connection to the witnessing filming process, but pointing to a direction I am embarking on to evolve my work, Marker is an essential inspiration, ushering in the style of the non-linear film essay. Marker (1921 - 2012) was a French writer, photographer, documentary film director, multimedia artist and film essayist. His best known films are La Jetée (1962), A Grin Without a Cat (1977) and Sans Soleil (1983) - meditation on the nature of human memory, showing the inability to recall the context and nuances of memory, and how, as a result, the perception of personal and global histories is affected. Friend and collaborator Alain Resnais called him "the prototype of the twenty-first-century man."

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    • The Art of Witnessing | Interior Truth

      "Witnessing" video art projects by John Oliver "Silence is my canvas ... listening in wholeness " Filming from a place of unconditional silent witnessing opens the door to a more spontaneous, deeper consciousness and interior 'truth', offering . stepping stones for our evolving journies The unique nature of the filming process is in our dropping into a full body felt sense of the present. Each filming session begins with a period of silence with eyes closed - I therefore ask of the viewer to join us at that same level, by watching when free from distractions and with headphones. ​ If you loose patience after 15s because nothing is happening, then this is a perfect chance to reflect on which energetic level you are at. T reat yourself to the silence and space to connect to what these people are courageously sharing. Video narratives - 1 min clips Watch only when free of distractions, with headphones. Give yourself the gift of presence with these courageous souls. Witnessing Short Clips (1 min) Sign in Witnessing Short Clips (1 min) Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... All Categories All Categories Art Artist video portrait Business Philosophy Coaching Creativity Social Activism Witnessing ecology leadership society spirituality Now Playing "These are truly moments of grace" - Romain Langlois - Sculptor, Social Activist 01:33 Play Video Now Playing "Heaven on earth is not having to do something special to be loved" Jamie Catto - 1min Clip 01:17 Play Video Now Playing "We're lucky to be together, here, in this moment" Vincent Dubourg 01:32 Play Video Now Playing "Wow, that's beautiful, how did we get there?!" Nicola Powys - artist 01:35 Play Video Now Playing "It was easiest the most uncomfortable moment of my life" John Wentz - artist - clip 01:34 Play Video Now Playing "Shared sense of creation" East Forest - Short Clip 01:06 Play Video Now Playing "Maybe that's the real motivation" East Forest - Short Clip 01:04 Play Video Now Playing "The cosmic game of peekaboo" East Forest - Short Clip 01:27 Play Video Now Playing "Art as understanding the whole sensually rather than thinking about the parts" Steve Marshall 01:23 Play Video Now Playing "We have to dig the gold from the silence" - Fateme Banishoeib - short clip 01:27 Play Video

    • Gallery of Film Subjects | Interior Truth

      Gallery of Film Subjects (will take you to a dedicated page featuring all edit versions for that person) Jamie Catto Grammy nominatied musician, film-maker, spiritual seeker and guide East Forest Musician, producer, ceremony leader Vincent Dubourg Artist, sculptor John Wentz Artist - Paris, France Romain Langlois Artist, sculptor, social activist Kim Holl Video Artist - witnessing and story telling Steve Marshall Arts in business and social change Fateme Banishoeib Art, creativity, leadership Robert Poynton Author, speaker, designer of learning experiences Gary Hirsch Artist, impro facilitator Nicola Powys Artist, creative facilitator Jon Voss Artist, sculptor Peter Vander Auwera Artist, change agent Tom Goldstein Coach, adventure leader Alex Carabi Executive coach, convenor of learning journies Jeremy Le Fèvre Coach and team development Sophie Garet Ateliers philosophique pour des jeunes Job Verpoorte Eco entrepreneur - Jabali Wooden Surfboards Miriam Plon Sauer Executive Strategy Director (EMEA) at AKQA John Oliver Video artist, sculptor, painter ( Silent Witnessing Deep Dive Explore transmission beyond words

    • Home | Interior Truth

      radical witnessing A new dimension in video filming dedicated to the arts and the creative experience. These are not interviews, portraits or biographies, but spontaneous glimpses of our souls filmed from silence and vulnerable presence... Interior Truth is the filming and editing service by John Oliver using an ultra minimalist approach, filmed from a place of silent witnessing (e.g. there are no "interview" type questions, or expectations on content outcomes). "I'm on a journey. Trying to make sense between soul and shadow. Getting out of my head. Seeing in new ways. Dropping into my heart. Feeling in new ways. Unlearning, to arrive at states of naked, fearful innocence. Fascinated by how our path to a greater collective consciousness might emerge from a radical witnessing of our intimate, interior truths." - John Oliver This "witnessing zone" integrates inspirations and training from the Inner View Method (, Integral Theory (Wilber), Focusing (Gendlin) and Sensemaking (narratives). A recurring remark of participants at the end of the filming, is that even they are surprised as to which narratives arose in the moment, and that I, even as a stranger to them, have had the chance to get to know them like no other. Further details and video on my journey and purpose can be found here. video portraits Warning! ...Watch only when free from distractions and with headphones. Treat yourself to the silence and space to connect to what these people are courageoulsy sharing. Full version edits (3+ min) All Categories Play Video Play Video 07:26 John Oliver - East Forest - art, spirituality, consciousness (full edit) East Forest ( is a musician, producer and ceremony leader, exploring creativity, spirituality and consciousness. He has released over 20 albums, including a colaboration with Ram Dass and touring internationally. He has been hosting the "The Ten Laws" podcast since 2018 with 120+ episodes exploring art and spirituality. Play Video Play Video 05:56 John Oliver - Kim Holl - The art and magic of witness filming Play Video Play Video 08:03 John Oliver - Kim Holl - Wondering and wandering - personal journey of the heart Play Video Play Video 08:11 John Oliver - Steve Marshall - The arts, dialogue and business - full edit Steve Marshall - Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School - Doctoral Faculty - Director, Photo-Dialogue Ltd - organisational development consultancy Thought leader, business change faciliator, photography and video artist. Steve has had a rich career as a pilot in the Royal Air Force, to now more than 15 years experience as an international organization consultant, facilitator and executive coach. His practice is informed by inquiry, dialogue, and complexity based approaches to creative change and innovation. Steve brings an original, authentic inquiry, integrating in powerful ways his artistic / creative experiences and ways of sensing, to tackling complex business, sustainability and social challenges. Play Video Play Video 04:55 John Oliver - Rob Poynton - Author, speaker, designer of learning experiences (full version) Facilitator, coach, author and creative business thinker. Robert Poynton is an Associate Fellow of the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He designs and facilitates workshops, programs, retreats and events. He is the author of Do Pause and Do Improvise. He lives in Spain and is a co-founder of On Your Feet— a improv based consultancy (conveniently) based in Portland, Oregon. Many of his friends regard his entire career as one long pause. Play Video Play Video 11:21 John Oliver - Rob Poynton - reflections session Rob and John spend almost as much time reflecting on the witnessing session, as the actual sesssion itself. John always sets each filming up as an experiment setting no expectations - if we are to sit in silence for the whole time, then that is just a great an outcome as if the person speaks. It so happens that Rob stayed in silence for 45min....and a whole lot happened. Play Video Play Video 04:52 John Oliver - Peter Vander Auwera - Arts and Business - full version Peter is a freelance thinker, creator, sensemaker...and sensebreaker. He creates interventions, interruptions and provocations, in a broad range of formats across live events, immersive learning experiences, expeditions, research, artwork, installations, performances, writings, soundscapes, recordings, documentaries, or just casual conversations. From 2007 till 2017, he was the Co-Founder of Innotribe, the innovation initiative of SWIFT. Main architect and content creator of the eight Innotribe Sibos events between 2009 and 2016. Prior to SWIFT, Peter was at Microsoft as EAI Solution Sales and Business Development Manager for Microsoft’s Electronic Identity Card plans in Belgium, for which he received in 2005 the Microsoft Chairman’s Award. Advisor and investor in Volta Ventures, and on the Advisory Board of several organisations and start-ups. Member of the WEF expert group on Personal Data, and the REXpedition, a think-tank for the Relationship Economy. Co-initiator of Corporate Rebels United, a movement to unite corporate rebels worldwide to ensure that true change happens virally, and Charter Member of Change Agents Worldwide. Play Video Play Video 05:54 John Oliver - Gary Hirsch - artist and improvisor (full version) improv & Co-creation addict. Doodler of small and large robots programmed to change the world @garyhirsch Play Video Play Video 07:48 John Oliver - Gary Hirsch - reflecions follow-up Gary reflects with John on the experience of the filming process. Play Video Play Video 04:41 John Oliver - Fateme Banishoeib - Art, creativity, leadership (full version) Business heARTist - founder of ReNEWBusiness a collective creative laboratory that guides visionary leaders and organizations to transform business into inclusive, innovative communities. Fateme is a published author and poet. Her collection of poems: The Whisper, charts the journey of leadership of self before the leadership of others. The Poetry of Leadership is her second publication for practicing and evolving leadership presence. She has also published a self-help journal, Freevolution, for people who want to become their truest and highest self. Play Video Play Video 08:00 John Oliver - John Wentz - artist (full version) An intimite moment with John expressing his most recent experiences and key moments in his life. John was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked in the commercial arts as a muralist, billboard creator and freelance illustrator. After learning to paint by doing airbrushed billboards, he decided to pursue Fine Art and work in oils. Since then, he has had 3 solo exhibitions in San Francisco and numerous group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. His works have appeared in many publications and have won multiple awards. John now paints full time in his studio in Paris, France. Play Video Play Video 04:58 John Oliver - Jon Voss - Black Swan Project (full version) Play Video Play Video 04:23 John Oliver - Vincent Dubourg - Sculptor and furniture artist (full version) A graduate of Arts-Déco, Vincent Dubourg in 2006 became the youngest artist at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London and in 2007 imagined The Bird Car for the Musée de la Chasse et la Nature in Paris. He then began an international career and exhibited successively at Design Miami / Basel in Switzerland and at Tajan in Paris. In 2011, he won the PAD Moët Hennessy prize in London. For many years, in the solitude of his large studio, the artist-craftsman has been developing his prototypes and fashioning works of art that do not claim their function: this only appears in a second step, thus questioning the traditional contemporary furniture design. Vincent Dubourg gives birth to organic, dynamic and sculptural forms that tell a story, that of the mutation of reality and the inalienable possession of nature over society. Between furniture, sculptures, architecture and staging, it offers a new interpretation of object design. Play Video Play Video 04:49 John Oliver - Romain Langlois - Sculptor (full version) Play Video Play Video 04:27 John Oliver - Nicola Powys - Artist (full version) Play Video Play Video 03:58 John Oliver - Tom Goldstein - coach and wilderness guide - full version Play Video Play Video 05:37 John Oliver - Jeremy Le Fèvre - Coach, a Facilitator & Wilderness Guide (full version) Jeremy is an Explorer who helps individuals and teams beyond boundaries. He's based in the South West although finds himself working across the country as a Coach, a Facilitator & Wilderness Guide. Play Video Play Video 03:51 John Oliver - Sophie Garet (full version) Ateliers philosophiques pour les enfants et adolescents. Load More

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